Everywhere I look, I am reminded that Superheros are super “in” right now.  What a great topic for a Purim Meshloach Manos package.  Anything and everything can be transformed to work within this theme!  I’m gonna share some fantastic ideas with you for your inspiration and let you imagination run wild.


Some ideas - like these

..or these

...my personal favorites- tie on capes!

Now, the following probably won’t help much for your Shalach Manot, but I couldn’t talk about superhero cake pops and not show you this

If CakePops are not your thing, remember you can use these ideas for any baked treats like cupcakes or cookies. Some photos for inspiration:

You get the idea! Now let me share with you a great source for superhero paper goods and party favors: orientaltrading.com If you don’t yet know about that site, you really should check it out. This is a perfect source for themed parties, party favors and of course for our purposes all things Purim. (Keep in mind though, that although they also sell candy, most of it is not Kosher so stick to their non-edible items.)