Do you ship to places other than Jerusalem, Beitar & Beit Shemesh ?


Yes! But in Eretz Yisrael it can get complicated. There are many difficult-to-access areas and we prefer you call us at 053-395-5727 / 845-445-4835 to order anywhere outside Jerusalem/Beitar/Beit Shemesh

What happens if nobody is home ?


We’re happy you asked. This has come up frequently. At check-out you are offered three options for what to do when the recipient is not home: 1)leave by the front of the door 2)leave by a neighbor or c) keep by us for 5 days to pickup

What happens if we gave you a bad address by mistake?


If there is a problem with the address, we will, Bli Neder, attempt to reach the recipient using the phone number you provide (required). Since there is a significant time difference between Israel and Chu”l,  it is usually not possible to call you for an updated address, so please be sure that your information is correct before placing an order. Due to Purim time constraints, a second delivery attempt would in all likelihood not be possible. Therefore, all Shalach Manot packages that are undeliverable will be left by us for five days  for pickup. The recipient should call us in advance.

What happens after five days if we choose to keep the Mishloach Manot by you ? Would we get a refund ?


At that point we can no longer guarantee that it will be available, and, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund.

What Hashgacha are you under ?


All of our baked goods are made with Badatz Eidah Hachareidis ingredients. Packaged goods are Mehadrin Hechsheirim. We do not currently have private Hashgacha, though we have a letter from our Rav that is available upon request.

When do you deliver the packages?


We try to arrange for all orders to be delivered as close to Purim as possible, which is either on Taanit Esther or within three days leading up to it. Do not rely on your order to be Yotzeh the Mitzva of Mishloach Manot

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