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The number one destination for sending Mishloach Manot to Israel


It’s not even Chanukah yet and already I’m already thinking about Purim. I don’t know about you but when Sukkos is over, the winter months seem to pass by in a blur. First Chanukah in Kislev and before you know it – Purim season. The changes in the air are subtle: Costumes start magically appearing on store walls; Hamantaschen are materializing behind the bakery’s glass counter while the Adar spirit possess the schoolchildren and their wary teachers. I’m just bursting right now with excitement about the upcoming Purim season. I don’t know if you’re reading this now before Chanukah, or if you’re in middle of your Purim Seudah, I just hope you’re as excited as me.

Our Mishloach Manot (or is it Shalach Manot ?) are completely and utterly unique. While we do offer beautiful Purim baskets put together in stunning arrangements, the part the people go wild about, which is also the part that I enjoy most, are the freshly baked arrangements. Delicious and fun and sure to stun.

Please browse our shop, especially our freshly baked arrangements, and you’ll see why everybody comes to PurimLand to send creative Purim baskets to Israel.

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