Send Mishloach Manot to Loved Ones In Israel

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All of our baked goods are made with Badatz Eidah Hachareidis ingredients

Packaged goods are Mehadrin Hechsheirim

Custom Gifts and Bulk Orders


If you’re looking to send out a large amount of Mishlaoch Manot or if you would like to request a custom Mishloach Manot package, please be in touch

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Send Customized Purim Cookies


Put your company logo on a delicious cookie or wow your friends and family with a Purim Sameach cookie customized with our designs or your own

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What People Are Saying About PurimLand

My son came home for Pesach and said that the Purim basket cookies and cupcakes were delicious and there was enough to share with roommates.
perfect!  Thank you.
Sara M

Thank you so much. He was thrilled when he got it. And sent us a picture right away. It looked terrific so we thank you very much for helping us connect with our son.


Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!! He loved it


Everybody loved what you sent for Purim….. Thank you….


I just wanted to thank you, the cookies were great, the girls loved them! Thank you


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Please note that we try to arrange for all orders to be delivered on Taanit Esther or the first day of Purim